WordFoto iPad App – Another Great ESL Introductory Activity!

IMG_0433BlogWordFoto is another introductory activity in addition to the Biopoems that I mentioned in one of my previous posts. This iPad app allows students to embed words in a photo. I have chosen to combine their own photo and the words that represent them. My students used the words from their Biopoem and the results were wonderful. Again, WordFotos can be displayed outside or inside of the ESL classroom to introduce students who learn in this class.

The only small disadvantage of this app is that students can add only ten words with a maximum of nine (9) characters per word. I hope that in the future more words can be added to a WordFoto image with more letters. However, it was interesting to see how students found it challenging to find only ten (10) words that are really meaningful for them. At the end, we had great individual discussions with them about their words. In addition, for beginning ESL students, ten words offer a solid but not too overwhelming base for a discussion in English.

There is one more activity that I decided to run with WordFoto. I always try to support multilingualism in my class. In a follow-up activity, I decided to incorporate students’ mother tongue languages in the photo. iPads allow adding multiple keyboards in a variety of languages. Students enjoyed adding words in Chinese, Russian, Dutch etc.

Here are some examples from my class. Some of my students decided to get a bit creative 🙂

IMG_0322Blog IMG_0321Blog


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