Creative Writing with the Parts of Speech

Creative Writing with the Parts of Speech – The Parts of Speech Rainbow


You might ask, “Why should the English language learners know the parts of speech? It is a boring grammar exercise!” I respectfully disagree. Different languages have different sentence structures. I believe that knowing the structure of English helps ELLs better understand their own language and distinguish the differences between their mother tongue and English.

Here is an explanation how the activity works:Parts of Speech Chart

Every part of speech is represented by one color. The teacher chooses the color and has to be consistent with it. When ELLs learn about the different parts of speech, they also learn what color represents each part of speech. First, ELLs are asked to color code different parts of speech in a sentence. Second, ELLs work with their own piece of writing and color code the parts of speech in their written piece. Finally, ELLs evaluate their “rainbow”.

The teacher asks questions: Do some colors dominate in your rainbow? If yes, why? How can you add more colors into your writing?

The “Rainbow” activity helps not only ELLs but also native speakers visualise the patterns in the structure of the English sentence. Students then evaluate their writing and realize the areas that they have to improve.

IMG_5243IMG_5244Parts of Speech Rainbow

Creative writing proves to be the most difficult area of English language proficiency for most learners. In my practice, I keep looking for ideas how to teach ELLs to write creatively. This activity is a great introductory activity for creative writing instruction. Do you have any creative writing activities that work in your class?


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