Google in Education Summit in the Philippines

This past weekend, I got a chance to learn more about Google apps at the Google in Education Philippines Summit that took place at the International School Manila, and that was attended by educators from all over East Asia. The keynote was held by Suan Yeo, who heads up Google Enterprise Education efforts in Asia-Pacific. His main message was: “Don’t teach technology, teach with technology” He highlighted the main goal of the Google Enterprise which is “Using technology to make a Difference.” One of the examples is their Person Finder website where people, who are affected by some sort of natural or human caused disaster, can look for their missing family members and friends. He also recommended New Media Consortium website that can help everyone stay tuned with the latest technology innovations in education. NMC is an organization that is “devoted to exploring the use of new media for teaching, learning & creative inquiry” (@NMCorg).

Google is very active in education and it is making a lot of difference. Google Apps like Google Docs, Google presentations, spreadsheets are more and more used by teachers all over the world. I feel that my responsibility is to keep up with all the innovative educational tools. Therefore, I felt very excited to learn so much more about Google products and how they are being used by ordinary teachers like me.

Many thanks to presenters Suan Yeo, Ken Shelton, Danny Green and other presenters for their inspirational talks and workshops! I have a lot to learn!


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