Have YOU discovered Padlet?

Padlet has great potential in the language classroom. I learned about Padlet on a teacher conference thanks to Ceci Gomez-Galvez from Shekou International School (#SIS). Padlet is a virtual wall/bulletin board that anyone can create for free and invite others to join and express their ideas in a collaborative manner.

I decided to use Padlet in my lesson about autobiographies. The goal of the lesson was to introduce this text type to the students who would then write their own personal autobiographies with proper opening, body and closing paragraphs.

For a class brainstorming activity, I created a customized Padlet wall that my class could use for a discussion. All students were asked to write comments suggesting what they would like to write about in their autobiography. Then, we discussed how we could organize our individual comments in the opening, body or closing part of the autobiography. For this part, I created my own graphic organizer that I embedded as a picture  in a comment (see below):

Writing Piece Structure

The end product of the class brainstorming activity looked like this:


All my students very much enjoyed the Padlet activity. It served as a scaffold that helped the class organize everyone’s ideas. After this, students put together their own individual autobiography brain frames using Lucidcharts. Finally, they wrote their own autobiographies on Google Docs.


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