Effective Math Vocabulary Instruction

In my previous post about the usage of a word wall to teach math vocabulary, I stated that word walls are a great supporting tool for English language learners. I added that they can be made for any unit of study including math and science. To create a word wall, you have to  have a list of most common vocabulary cards. This school year in Grade 4 ESL, we put together such lists for the math units of  geometry, measurement and fractions. Each vocabulary card included a definition and a visual. We provided all homeroom teachers with sets of vocabulary cards so that they could use them as a language scaffolding tool for English language learners but also for all the students in their class. We noticed that such sets of vocabulary cards really helped standardize the language used in the classrooms and academic language expectations for all the students in the whole grade level.

Below you  can find the vocabulary cards for the three units. Feel free to use them in your practice!





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