Scientific Conclusion Sentence Frames

My Grade 6 ESL  students have been learning about the scientific process, its steps and we they have been focusing on scientific reporting. Writing a science report can be challenging and require special attention and scaffolding for English language learners. In the previous post, I explained how ESL teachers can scaffold a procedure.

Now, I would like to focus on writing a conclusion!

I have put together a number of sentence frames that help English language learners to get their thinking going and offer them a template for their writing. I have had a really great experience with them. Even beginning English language learners are able to “puzzle” together very good conclusions.

Here is the description of the activity:

Students are asked to choose one sentence starter from four different categories that I project color coded on an interactive board. In their conclusion, the students have to:

1) summarize what they learned

2) refer to their hypothesis

3) talk about their mistakes/errors

4) mention how they would improve it next time


Below you can see the sentence frames that the students can choose from:


I did this investigation to learn…

I found out…

In this investigation, I learned ……..

My hypothesis was… My investigation proved this hypothesis is true/not true.

Some possible mistakes we made were…

I think this may have affected our results by…

This investigation made me wonder…

Next time, I would…

I could improve my experiment by…


All of these sentence frames are quite basic. However, the students can only use these sentence frames successfully if they have a very good conceptual understanding of their experiments. I usually run a simple experiment with my students in my ESL class so that I can make sure that my ESL students understand the experiment including its scientific results and conclusions.



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