Teaching Parts of Speech the Fun Way!

Do your student like to learn grammar? If not, here are a few ideas how to “spice up” your  grammar instruction. If you are currently focusing on The Parts of Speech, I have a few interesting websites that your students will love after you introduce them. All the websites have  one thing in common: music. They use songs and their lyrics to explain what the parts of speech are. Rock, pop music, rap, hip-hop… your students have a chance to stick with their preferred musical style. Try them in your class a see what style your students like the most!



Example: Teaching Conjuctions – Grammaropolis Conjuction Song


School House Rock / Grammar Rock

Example: Teaching Adjectives – Grammar Rock Adjectives Song




Example: Teaching Parts of Speech

Flocabulary is a website that you have to have a subscribe to. Try the Free Trial Period and talk to your administrator to get a subscription for your school so that all the teacher have access to it the whole school year. It is worth it! You can also use it to talk about current events.

Let me know which website your students liked the most!




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