About Me and this Blog


Welcome to my blog!

I am an international ESL teacher currently living in Poland and working at the American School of Warsaw. I worked at the International School Manila and International School of Prague.  For the past 17 years, I have taught English language learners in international schools.

My journey into language learning began much earlier, however, as a child growing up in the Czech Republic, a small country of 10 million people. The only way to cross boundaries and learn about the world was through other languages. First came Russian, then German, and then my latest acquisition, English.

English has become my second language in my adulthood. I speak it at home with my husband and I keep catching myself thinking more and more in English instead of my first language, Czech. I find it fascinating how the brain adapts to new languages and I am very interested in brain research related to language acquisition. A Masters in Applied Linguistics from the UMASS, Boston has helped me answer many questions, although it generated many new ones at the same time.

The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts about Second Language Acquisition and to have a dialogue with others about how to teach English as a second language, especially in the unique world of international schools.

I will be sharing my ESL classroom activities and hope to learn many more from others. I also hope that teachers of world/modern languages and English as a foreign language find this blog useful. They are more than welcome to join our conversation!

Learning a language is a long process that never ends. It is a fascinating journey that opens horizons and insights about our students’ world. All of us, language teachers, contribute to this immensely. Our practice and teaching methods influence our students’ motivation and outcomes. Let’s talk about how to teach language creatively.

Thank you for visiting my blog!



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