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Why is Phonic Instruction Instrumental in ESL Classes?

Phonic Instruction in ESL English, in comparison to many other languages, possesses a simple grammatical system. Beginning English language learners can successfully construct sentences after they master basic sentence structure rules. This level of mastery is much harder to accomplish in other world languages where nouns and verbs appear in many different forms and cause […]

How English sounds to non-English speakers…

I just couldn’t resist to have this video clip posted on my blog 🙂 This is an amusing reminder to all ESL/EFL/TESOL teacher how English sounds to beginning English language learners…Enjoy!

ESL iPad Apps in Elementary Classroom

Useful iPad Apps Used in ESL Elementary Classroom Here is the list of iPad apps that we use in our elementary school with ESL students. IPads are a great tool for elementary school students. They like to use them, they stay focused, and it keeps them motivated. It wasn’t easy for me to select suitable […]