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Teaching Parts of Speech the Fun Way!

Do your student like to learn grammar? If not, here are a few ideas how to “spice up” your  grammar instruction. If you are currently focusing on The Parts of Speech, I have a few interesting websites that your students will love after you introduce them. All the websites have  one thing in common: music. […]

Scientific Conclusion Sentence Frames

My Grade 6 ESL  students have been learning about the scientific process, its steps and we they have been focusing on scientific reporting. Writing a science report can be challenging and require special attention and scaffolding for English language learners. In the previous post, I explained how ESL teachers can scaffold a procedure. Now, I would like to focus on writing […]

The Writing Process Presentation

The Writing Process can be challenging for a lot of ESL students. The following presentation is very visual and helps students understand the parts of the process. I usually ask students to glue the second slide in their writing journal. I also post all the slides on a bulletin board in my classroom since I […]