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6 Traits of Writing: How to teach “Voice” in ESL?

It is not easy to teach students how to have a “voice” in their writing. Especially English language learners struggle with having their own unique voice. You can prepare a very good introductory lesson with the book called “Voices in the Park”. The question that you ask the students can be: What made each character have […]

Procedural Writing in Grade 4

Procedural writing can be challenging for English language learners. Therefore, it should be scaffolded and the ESL teacher should come up with support activities to help students understand what are procedural text features and how to write a proper procedure. Recently, I took part in a professional development workshop with Gini Rojas. She is listing three types of […]

The Challenges of Teaching Public Speaking in ES

The Challenges of  Teaching Public Speaking I have mentioned before that I work in a school that has an inclusive ESL program. English language larners are expected to complete assignments that can be challenging and my role is to scaffold the language so that they are able to complete the assignment and to feel successful.  At […]