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Pass-it-around Writing Activity

During our last faculty meeting, my ESL team shared some scaffolding activities that help English language learners increase understanding of concepts and rich vocabulary of topics that they learn together with their proficient peers in mainstream classes. The language scaffolding activities support the Key Principles # 1 of ELL Instruction published by Stanford University: Key […]

Key Principles for ELL Instruction

There is a lot of discussion among international educators regarding the characteristics of effective instruction for English Language Learners. It is also a hot topic in our school (ISManila)¬†where we run an inclusive program for English language learners and we strive to ensure that our program reflects the latest findings of ELL research. Therefore, we […]

Book Report Choices – An Excellent Way to Motivate Students to Read and Write

In my teaching practice, I am always looking for ways to motivate my students to read. I try to ensure that¬† students actively think about what they have read and that they are able to report about it orally and in writing. Unfortunately, I have experienced that writing book reports proves to be challenging for […]