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Why is Phonic Instruction Instrumental in ESL Classes?

Phonic Instruction in ESL English, in comparison to many other languages, possesses a simple grammatical system. Beginning English language learners can successfully construct sentences after they master basic sentence structure rules. This level of mastery is much harder to accomplish in other world languages where nouns and verbs appear in many different forms and cause […]

Creative Writing with the Parts of Speech

Creative Writing with the Parts of Speech – The Parts of Speech Rainbow You might ask, “Why should the English language learners know the parts of speech? It is a boring grammar exercise!” I respectfully disagree. Different languages have different sentence structures. I believe that knowing the structure of English helps ELLs better understand their […]

YouTube Videos in an ESL Classroom and Visible Thinking

YouTube Videos and Visible Thinking in an ESL Classroom Short video clips have a lot of potential in an ESL teaching practice. The visual input hooks students and make them enthusiastic about sharing their ideas if the story of the clip catches their attention. Recently, I stumbled upon a clip on Larry Ferrazo’s blog called […]