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6 Traits of Writing: How to teach “Voice” in ESL?

It is not easy to teach students how to have a “voice” in their writing. Especially English language learners struggle with having their own unique voice. You can prepare a very good introductory lesson with the book called “Voices in the Park”. The question that you ask the students can be: What made each character have […]

Scientific Conclusion Sentence Frames

My Grade 6 ESL  students have been learning about the scientific process, its steps and we they have been focusing on scientific reporting. Writing a science report can be challenging and require special attention and scaffolding for English language learners. In the previous post, I explained how ESL teachers can scaffold a procedure. Now, I would like to focus on writing […]

Measurement Unit Word Wall

Word walls are a great supporting tool for English language learners. They can be made for any unit of study including math and science. This year, my colleagues and I have focused on effective Math vocabulary instruction in Grade 4. We created lists of most common vocabulary words for geometry, measurement and fractions and put each on word on […]