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WordFoto iPad App – Another Great ESL Introductory Activity!

WordFoto is another introductory activity in addition to the Biopoems that I mentioned in one of my previous posts. This iPad app allows students to embed words in a photo. I have chosen to combine their own photo and the words that represent them. My students used the words from their Biopoem and the results […]

Motivation and Language Learning

  Well, I know that this topic has been discussed many times before. However, I feel that I should start my blog with some thoughts about motivation because I find it essential to learning a language. Motivation to learn languages changes with age. Young learners feel motivated to learn a language because they like the […]

ESL iPad Apps in Elementary Classroom

Useful iPad Apps Used in ESL Elementary Classroom Here is the list of iPad apps that we use in our elementary school with ESL students. IPads are a great tool for elementary school students. They like to use them, they stay focused, and it keeps them motivated. It wasn’t easy for me to select suitable […]