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Vocabulary Instruction in Grade 4

This week, I held a presentation at the Elementary School faculty meeting about Vocabulary Instruction in Grade 4. Our school is currently focusing on improvement of language scaffolding strategies in classes across all grade levels. We look into ways to standardize vocabulary instruction by introducing different vocabulary activities that increase ┬áconceptual understanding of the units […]

Have YOU discovered Padlet?

Padlet has great potential in the language classroom. I learned about Padlet on a teacher conference thanks to Ceci Gomez-Galvez from Shekou International School (#SIS). Padlet is a virtual wall/bulletin board that anyone can create for free and invite others to join and express their ideas in a collaborative manner. I decided to use Padlet […]

Why is Phonic Instruction Instrumental in ESL Classes?

Phonic Instruction in ESL English, in comparison to many other languages, possesses a simple grammatical system. Beginning English language learners can successfully construct sentences after they master basic sentence structure rules. This level of mastery is much harder to accomplish in other world languages where nouns and verbs appear in many different forms and cause […]