It is not easy to teach students how to have a “voice” in their writing. Especially English language learners struggle with having their own unique voice. You can prepare a very good introductory lesson with the book called “Voices in the Park”.   The question that you ask the students can be: What made each character […]

Do your student like to learn grammar? If not, here are a few ideas how to “spice up” your  grammar instruction. If you are currently focusing on The Parts of Speech, I have a few interesting websites that your students will love after you introduce them. All the websites have  one thing in common: music. […]

This school year, I  started working in Grade 6 and I noticed that the academic language demands are much higher than in the elementary school. In middle school, students have to learn the new vocabulary of Science, Social Studies and English at the same time and this proves to be challenging. At ISManila, the emerging […]


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